Crepuscular time

A thought that caught my eye in this Metafilter thread:

A person’s success in life is determined by what he does between 5 and 10 pm.

A bit overly generalized, yes (but not so much in the context of that thread), but I like the sentiment behind it. Especially lately I’m bad for leaving work, stopping at a cafe, having dinner, and then just… not doing much. Part of that is that I probably need to fix my sleep schedule so that I’m not dead to the world by mid-evening. But I’ll definitely need to get that habit fixed for next year.

2 responses to “Crepuscular time”

  1. You stay in the office and *really impress* the cleaning staff, of course.

    (Why is it staying in the office late because you spent the day goofing off makes you a hard worker, but getting in early and getting your work done by the end of the day makes you invisible?)