yes, another

Because this was clearly miscaptioned:

FAIL cheesecat

Seriously, though, it’s like icanhascheezburger doesn’t even know about the cat macro 4chan connection. (Specifically, this “tutorial” makes me think they’re just making things up as they go.)

12 responses to “yes, another”

  1. I always got the impression that icanhascheezburger wasn’t … exactly cat macros. It was more of “lolcats” which seems to be similar (pictures of cats, captions), but different (baby talk describing the picture, rather than taking a picture of a cat and anthromorphizing it in an absurd way).

    I intentionally don’t watch icanhascheezburger for that reason — it seems too contrived, tries too hard.

    I’m not sure if I made any sense. I swear it made sense in my brain.

  2. Hahahaha! funny cat!
    it obviously likes cheese…. so do I!!!
    good on ya kitty! xo