Microsoft’s great new Vista fonts available free

Joey at Global Nerdy points out that the six new fonts included with Vista are also available free with Microsoft’s Powerpoint 2007 Viewer application: install Powerpoint Viewer, get the fonts.

Microsoft C-fonts examples

There are better samples over on Joey’s post. I did up a document (my MBA application letter, yay!) in Constantia tonight and it’s a nice, readable body typeface; goodbye, Times New Roman! Or at least goodbye Georgia. Candara looks like a Verdana replacement, Calibria Arial. Consolas is monospace. I can’t place Corbel. I love all six. I don’t know what’s with the Cs, though.

(Also, here’s how to get the fonts out of the installer if you’re in Linux, at least. I don’t know if the same technique will work on OS X.)

6 responses to “Microsoft’s great new Vista fonts available free”

  1. Interestingly, I’ve already had Calibri for quite a while thanks to a WoW add-on that changes the in-game font.

  2. Zach: Yeah, you’re right, it’s very Palatino-ish. It’s funny, because I’ve never liked Palatino, and I really like Constantia. On the other hand, my big objection to Palatino was always that it was so wide, and Constantia is quite a bit narrower, so that might be all it took to please me!