Flooterbuck lives!

Ages ago I mentioned Flooterbuck, the fork of infobot that I hack on occasionally. After a long dry spell and unverified claims of the project’s demise, we’ve finally rolled a 1.2.2 release.

It’s mostly bugfixes, and a bit of “let’s get a release out so it doesn’t look completely dead”, but if you’re running 1.2.1 and haven’t been updating CVS it’d be a good time to update. I’m going to try to get nightly or weekly CVS snapshots available, although I still encourage tracking CVS if you can — what’s in CVS is what Dagbrown and I are running as our bots, and modules tend to get out of date with the webpages they scrape pretty quickly, so CVS is the best way to keep things running smoothly for now.

One response to “Flooterbuck lives!”

  1. Holy hell, and I just patched my source last week because I figured there’d never be another release. Timing, man.

    (Was a three-line deal, though. I added a thing to fork a child process to deal with a long-running module call, so that the bot wouldn’t ping out while it was going. So it was just a non-blocking wait inside the main loop.)