Testing via ljtalk

Wow, LJ Talk is pretty well done. Sign in with a Jabber client, and there’s your mutual friends, all in their own group on your roster, with userpics and everything.

And there’s a goat bot that you can post through, too — send it a message (like I’m doing right now) and it makes its way to your journal. This sounds like a good way to get posting more often.

8 responses to “Testing via ljtalk”

  1. We thought of it way before you would have ever suggested it, dude. Mark Kraft even had some guy trying to integrate an IRC server with LJ back in 2000, but that never went anywhere because the “some guy” didn’t know what he was doing.

  2. All Jabber clients have sucked up until recently (last few years), so deploying Jabber would’ve been worthless (chicken/egg), and once clients got good, all Jabber servers kinda sucked (not extensible enough), so we had to go through that pain first. But yeah, it was a good idea! ;-)

  3. Well, since my journal’s deleted there’s no way for me to verify whether I thought of it first.

    Since you’re doing stuff that has been requested time and time again for year after year, maybe we’ll see CSS style sheets one day.