What metros have <i>you</i> ridden?

Neat meme, poorly implemented since you have to search over and over instead of just reading a list of cities. Here’s the metros I’ve been on:

Got at b3co.com!

Although if Paris’s Metro and RER get separate logos — and the Vancouver Skytrain is listed at all — then I should also show


but oddly enough not

which I really need to ride before it’s shut down while they expand the pilot project out to the full network.

6 responses to “What metros have <i>you</i> ridden?”

  1. Well, it is a list of cities, in alphabetical order. I thought it was incredibly hard to find things until I found that I could mouse over the images and it told me the city-names, which quickly led to the discovery of alphabetization.

  2. Yeah, but I had to view source to read the list of city names to refresh my memory of where I’ve been, because anything is better than “hover the mouse around various places” navigation. Unless you’ve done all of your travelling recently, it’s hard to remember all of the places you’ve been let alone whether or not you were on a metro there.