ah, paperwork

So after that whole getting married thing, I had to find out how to get Candice listed on my health insurance policy at work. So I fired HR a line last week, and the person who could answer me got back from vacation today.

I now have the form I have to fill out, but not before giggling about the title: Choices and Opportunities Lifestyle Change Form.

10 responses to “ah, paperwork”

  1. I’m not sure using “HR” and “fired” should be used in such close proximity, especially when I’m skimming my friends page. ;)

  2. Oh, I should’ve listed the Lifestyle Changes it supports: Marriage, Separation, Divorce, Add/Remove Common-Law Spouse, Add Child, Dependent no longer eligible, Loss of spouse’s coverage, First Home Purchase, Smoker Status Change.

  3. It’s in the same category as smoker status change. Homeowners must present a different risk profile to the insurance company.

  4. Hmm. I wonder if homeowners are considered less risk due to that whole “responsible enough to own a house” stereotype, or more risk because there are infinitely more ways to harm yourself in your own house?

    Mowing the lawn, building a deck with your cousin Joe who swears he’s done this before, trying to fix furnace because you’re too cheap to call an electrician…

  5. Even though she’s not a legal dependent of yours, make sure you list her as one. I’ve found that the Insurance definition of dependent is…creative.