Wikipedia contrail

This is my “Wikipedia contrail” — the list of pages in Wikipedia I’ve
been to in the last week or two, according to my browser history. There isn’t a whole lot of random
browsing around (which is what would make it a contrail, I
guess), but the breadth amused me.

7 responses to “Wikipedia contrail”

  1. I’m surprised that the carbonate article doesn’t mention that HCO3 is the “bicarbonate” ion. They do use the more current term “hydrogencarbonate”, but…I dunno, bicarbonate is so accepted especially in the names of household items.

    I need to do one of these contrail jobbers, as well.

  2. Bicarbonate — I think it must have just been on the edge of my browser history, because I remember going there. “Hydrogencarbonate” redirects to “Bicarbonate”.

  3. Heh, it’s funny the itches that wikipedia scratches. I found myself reading up on the Peasant’s Revolt and Wat Tyler just the other day. Blame a trawl through Exploding Aardvark for that one.

    And as far as Zeno’s paradoxes are concerned: Nobody who’s ever tried to shoot a tortoise with an arrow w^Hcould ever doubt that 0.999… = 1.

  4. That’s the next camera.

    Right now Candice has an old HP Photosmart 715 which is huge and not so great, and I’ve got an Olympus C-3040 which I love except it’s 3MP and it uses SmartMedia. So obviously both need replacing sometime.

    We’re heading to Paris for our honeymoon in a week and a half, so the priority was to get something small enough to hide in a shoulder bag that we can both easily use to take snapshots that we’re not going to be able to go back and reshoot, so this one’s the replacement for the HP.

    Much later when I finally get completely frustrated with either my 3MP-ness or this camera’s lack of manual settings, then I’ll start shopping around for a digital SLR.