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  1. blues:
    What more to say? I love listening to blues and playing blues. I played jazz bass for years and while I still love listening to jazz, the blues talks to me a lot more directly, both at the fundamental level that most people enjoy blues for and because of the challenge of working with a restricted palette, so to speak.
  2. cat and girl:
    The comic strip. It was better in the early days but it’s still pretty good. For the longest time I could remember strips to throw into conversations on IRC by their filename. (It’s harder now that they’re all just numbered, and they tend to be subtler now instead of illustrating fundamental concepts.) That’s Cat from Cat and Girl in my mood theme.
  3. delp:
    If you type “My hovercraft is made of eels” into the right era of Nokia phone with T9, you get “My intercsaft is made of delp.” How can you not be interested in the fundamental building blocks of intercsaft?
  4. hammond b-3:
    I’m not sure why this, specifically, is in there. I haven’t played organ since high school. I love listening to jazz and blues organ, though, so I suppose it still belongs.
  5. jim thompson:
    There’s a bunch of noir crime writers in my interests. I haven’t bought any new detective fiction in ages but I should! I’m really not much of a novel reader but crime fiction is my weak point.
  6. motorcycles:
    If you read me regularly you should be able to figure this one out.
  7. ottawa:
    I live there! That’s all, really. I’m interested in it because without it I’d be living in the forest, or maybe plunging into the earth’s mantle.
  8. richard feynman:
    Dick Feynman was at one point one of my heroes. I’m not sure if that’s still the case. But even without that he’s brilliant and a great storyteller, and if a new posthumous book of his stories or work came out I’d buy it right away, so I think it still belongs there.
  9. the french kicks:
    Ages ago I put a whole bunch of bands I like into my interests. I haven’t updated it in a long time, though. Candice and I saw the French Kicks open for Hot Hot Heat in Ottawa, and I’m not sure which part of the show we liked better. I’d love to see them again knowing who they are.
  10. wikipedia:
    I volunteer over there, although these days I spend as much time doing vandalism patrol and minor fixes and geeking about process as I do about actually writing articles. I should really drag the camera around town a bit before it gets wintery to illustrate some locally-related articles. There are a few links to articles I’ve written and photos I’ve contributed on my userpage.

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Hrm, I should really go through my interests and take out the ones that I couldn’t write a paragraph on, and then substitute from there.

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