A worldwide phenomenon

Ask Metafilter remembers the porn in the woods. (All text.)

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  1. I found porn in the woods in a ravine beside the apartment building I lived in when I was a teen, and then other porn in an abandoned and falling down cabin in the woods behind my house in Rupert Quebec.

    I think it’s just a common hiding place for people who don’t want to bring their porn home for fear of it being found.

  2. do you just have that icon lying around or did you go hunting?

    i live in westwood, ca, sounds like there would be woods, but there really aren’t any. i don’t think i’ve even been in the woods more than 3 times in my life

    which might not be so bad. young me would have been way scarred for life.

    hows this icon work?

  3. Because it involved family members and this is an unlocked post.

    I don’t want it getting back to anyone in my family.

    That would be Really Bad.

  4. heee.. email me?
    especially since mendel is going to kil me after a random person (me) spammed his journal like i did.

    id like to get a funny story out of it

  5. mistake?

    and yah, thats the exact same place i was talking about

    westwood, california as in right next to westwood village, ca which is techinically either westwood or west los angeles