Wikipedia goodness, ermines, and les motos

A few random things:

The Wikipedia articles on The Price is Right and TPIR’s pricing games are a great read if you’re a fan of the game.

Speaking of Wikipedia, I learned via their article on heraldry that the blazon for the coat of arms of Brittany is “Ermine”. That’s it, just “Ermine”. Any heraldic geeks out there who know of any other notable coats of arms blazoned with a single word?

Tomorrow I get to go to the Ministry of Transportation to get my M2 motorcycle license, which lifts all of the restrictions I’ve had other than zero alcohol. This means I can finally ride in Quebec and on the 417 and 416.

I don’t plan on doing much highway riding (especially since the little bike will only get up to 100 km/h grudgingly) but there are more than a few rides that start some distance south or west of Ottawa, and the 417 and 416 are the practical way to get there. (There are places where it’s safer to be going 100 on the 400-series freeways where there’s a passing lane than 80-90 on two-lane country roads where the guy behind you wants to go 120 but can’t pass.)

I’m really looking forward to being able to ride in Quebec, though. Gatineau Park has some great roads, and there are a lot of day trip loops that start off on this side of the river and come back on the other side.

Just in time for me to take a week off work, too!

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