Updatey thing

I haven’t been posting much lately, but there hasn’t been a whole lot going on, either.

Candice‘s parents came down to visit last weekend. I met her mother a few months back, but this is the first time her father and I met. The four of us went out for dinner on Saturday night — they were a bit nervous about not having reservations, but I think that they really just had a hard time imagining the number of places to eat in Ottawa and understanding the “no reservations on weekends” policy that’s popular at a lot of places we like. We ended up in the new expansion of the Black Thorn with good beer and gourmet pizzas. On Sunday, Dad and Golda came up from Belleville, and all of us and Mom and Jim went out for brunch, and everyone hit it off well. WHERE’S THE FAMILY DRAMA? THIS STUFF DOESN’T WRITE EXCITING ENTRIES, FOLKS!!

Before they came up we did a big spring cleaning in the apartment. What a difference! Both of us are giggling about our place again. Need to remember to work at keeping it the way it is.

The motorcycle hunt still hasn’t started, although I’m keeping an eye on ads. I want to wait until I’ve finished my intro course so I have some idea about how a bike should feel, especially the transmission and clutch. I’m hoping to have some gear (at least helmet and jacket) by the end of next weekend. I can’t wait to get riding, but I’m not really looking forward to the whole finding/buying/registering/insuring process. Too many chicken-and-egg problems.

Tonight we’re meeting the first photographer we’re considering using for the wedding. Having no idea what I want might make it hard to decide what I like, but we’ll see what happens.

7 responses to “Updatey thing”

  1. That was an exciting post… it could have been more exciting with the addition of more food description, though. Honestly.

  2. My Ninja ZX-6 runs poorly enough on 87 ((R+N)/2) octane fuel. I can’t imagine how lousy it would be on biodiesel.

    My Ninja 500 runs on 87, but I don’t see how it could run on diesel. It just isn’t going to provide enough compression to self-ignite the diesel fuel. It’s hard enough to start that thing if it’s been sitting over a day when I have 87 in the tank!

  3. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised — Ninjas are well known to be very shitty.

    When I said “most” I meant “most decent motocycles”.

  4. I am unaware of Ninjas being “well known” as being “very shitty”. The parallel-twin Ninjas (250 and 500) have a reputation as being excellent beginner bikes, and the higher-displacement liquid-cooled inline fours have proven performance on the track.

    What classifies as “most decent motorcycles”? I can state authoritatively that a Suzuki GSXR or a Honda CBR won’t run well on diesel either, because they won’t even run well on 87. I don’t have personal experience with other motorcycles and sub-par fuel, but I’d imagine most inline fours and smaller displacement parallel twins are going to have trouble with diesel fuel.

    Out of curiousity, what do you ride?

  5. I’m not sure it’s worth my time having this conversation with someone who clearly has never even seen a motorcycle up close, much less ridden one.