dare you to lick that pole.



Wind northwest 30 km/h.

High minus 21.

Wind chill minus 46 in the morning and minus 32 in the afternoon.

6 responses to “dare you to lick that pole.”

  1. Hee. You should see my christmas list. It’s all scarves and mittens and coats and boots and so on. And I won’t even be quite as northy as you are!

  2. That’s the sort of day that caused me to get frostbite in Ottawa while waiting for the bus (it was an hour late, and I had no hat that day).

    My right ear still burns when it gets cold out, because of lasting effects from that day.

    Supposed to be “only” -33 windchill here tomorrow. I think I’ll avoid licking any poles, thanks. :)

  3. No, not some sort of existential post…

    I’m just wondering why I let Nat talk me into flying to *Ottawa* first, before heading down to Toronto for the holidays. Brrr. It was sunny and +9 in Vancouver when we left.

    Feel like getting together for a drink sometime in the next few days?

    And no, I still won’t get a livejournal account. :)

  4. It’s good for you! Or something.

    I always feel like getting together for a drink sometime. I’ll drop you an email if I can remember your email address. Just think, if you had an LJ account, you could just see this response in your inbox :-)