Help me find shoes!

I need suggestions for good, healthy, comfy, hip shoes.

Right now I wear red low-top Chucks:

and as far as I’m concerned they are the perfect shoe for the sort of
look that I want. But I managed to injure my ankle a while ago,
and I think the complete lack of ankle and arch support in Chucks isn’t
doing me any favors for recovery. So I need new shoes, but I’m having a
hard time finding something that suits me but is also healthy and
comfy. I have a suspicion that skate shoes like Vans would be a good
bet, or maybe Converse One-Stars, but I dunno.

So, given that I’m the sort of person to wear red Chucks everywhere,
what sort of healthier shoes would you tell me to look at?

7 responses to “Help me find shoes!”

  1. I suggest Airwalks. They are pretty similar to Vans, but I’ve been through two pairs of these things, and they are plenty comfortable – and I do a lot of walking in these – including working retail. :)

  2. I wear Etnies (another skate brand) that I find to be extremely comfortable, if expensive. I don’t know if they’re necessarily healthy, though (as I know next to nothing about foot health :).

  3. I’m watching this thread with interest, though I don’t really wear normal shoes— I’m more in the market for stylish SPD-capable bike shoes, for which Converse of any kind are Right Out.

  4. Well, as one who suffers minor ankle injuries quite often, the high top chucks are surprisingly good for ankle support, even if not laced up all the way. I usually lace mine up to the 3rd eyelet, and short of actually overextending my ankle, that does pretty well.

    Still no help on the arch support though; everything I’ve got with good arch support (adidas, low-top DMs) has poor ankle support. Maybe insoles?

  5. I’ve just managed to pick myself up a pair of “pro keds” – styled after the 70’s vintage shoe…. they’ve got a better sole on them than the chucks – of which I have a pair also…. there’s always the option of throwing in a sports insole into whatever shoe… Or for something slightly different, how about a pair of creepers….