I’m sure someone thought this was a great idea

Current Balance: -$9.94
Amount Due: $9.94
Due Date: 2004-09-15

Failure! Please correct the errors below.

It seems like Dreamhost wants my money, but maybe they don’t! I
wonder what they expect me to do.

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  1. Perhaps it’s all an elaborate scam to get an extra penny out of you?

    On a totally unrelated note, you had/have a Blackberry, yes? (If no, skip following question.) How the heck did you get on IRC with it, web interface or IRC client or SSH to desktop?

    Enquiring minds want to know. :)

  2. I grabbed Alan Cox’s wapirc, fixed all of the broken bits (he might be a great kernel developer but this code scared me: busywaiting via select on stdout!), and then compile up a copy every time I need to connect to a new server. I’ve been meaning to redo it in Perl for a while but never got around to it.

    I don’t ssh to desktop, although we demoed an ssh client once called AVID, IIRC. We didn’t really have a business requirement for it so we didn’t pursue it.

    I’m using an old Mobitex 957. I’m not sure if there’s anything better for more modern Blackberries. (I sure hope so. :-)

  3. Ehh…the only SSH client I’ve seen for Blackberries (Blackberrys? I’ve seen both) is Idokorro, and it’s like…200 dollars, which is insane.

    On the other hand, Blackberr(y|ie)s run J2ME, I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for a J2ME-based SSH program but haven’t seen much. Not that I actually have a Blackberry yet, but I will soon. :D

  4. This is the AVID one I looked at, and there’s this too.

    I found that the weird part about mine is that even if you write an application for it, you only get network access if Rogers decides they want to roll out your app. That might have changed when things went from Mobitex to GPRS, though.

  5. Yeah, that’s the case with a lot of the not-so-new Blackberries as well, everything has to go through the gateway software, so something has to be installed on the server side. Only the newest generation or so of handhelds have TCP/IP addressing built into them — it still remains to be seen which model I’d get, but I don’t think RIM would be giving the crappy old ones to their employees (although I’m pretty sure they don’t give out the top of the line ones either, unfortunately).

  6. Peter’s got a 7230 or 7280 (I can’t tell what the difference between those is), so that’s probably the standard handout. :-)

  7. Right in the middle, pretty much what I expected. The colour ones look nice, but I’ve heard they suck battery like nobody’s business.

    The only difference I can tell between the two you mentioned is that the 7230 can do 900 MHz (in addition to 1800 and 1900) while the 7280 does 850 (plus the other two). Maybe that’s it.

  8. It all depends on where you are working, what day of the week it is, what’s
    in that box over there, etc etc. Some new hires get hoopy new phones like the 7100t (released this week), others like me get 7230s, some get older pager style devices. Basically it allows RIM to ensure that all devices
    in the field can be tested in real world conditions.

    The TCP/IP stack is operating system dependent but will only work on systems with a SIM card rather than the older Mobitex devices such as Rich’s 957.

  9. So.. uhh.. Dreamhost, you say?

    Spratt and I were talking earlier, and she mentioned you were with them. I’ve been shopping around for a new host… You likey? I really like the feature set they offer for the price, and they seem to get far better reviews than my current host.

  10. Yeah, they’ve been good. My only real complaint has been turnaround time in making changes involving creating a new site/hostname/database — it’s usually an hour or two, which is fine once you remember to account for that delay, and apparently isn’t that odd for shared hosting, but this is the first time I’ve done shared hosting so it still catches me off guard.

    You get a shell account and can do what you want with it except IRC, which is nice — I read all my mail there, so I just installed Mail::Audit and my own newer SpamAssassin in my home directory and went from there.

    Their response to the billing problem was “Don’t worry about it, just pay next month instead”.

    (If you go with them, mind putting me down as who referred you? My web panel username there is ‘rich_lafferty’.)

  11. Yay! There’s enough anonymous posting abuse around that I ended up having to screen anonymous comments long ago, and now I don’t have to approve all of your comments before anyone can see them.

    Hrm, this might have backfired :-)