Yay, fun day! Zzzzz.

Yesterday was the sort of day which one might term “fun and productive”,
because it was both fun and productive.

Candice and I went down to Montreal for the day. While we
were there, we:

  • Went out to St Hubert Airport to pick up my Pilot Training
    Record, which I talked about over in the other place you should be reading regularly.

  • Stopped by a couple of Structube stores, which ostensibly
    sold the couch that we
    wanted, but despite being listed on the website it’s discontinued. Drat.
    Looked at one of these
    instead, but I don’t know that I want something armless — it’s a
    little too futon-like. We’re going to take a look at some of the sofas
    that EQ3 offer too. Outside of that
    and Ikea there’s really no affordable modern furniture here though
    and Alteriors and Ligne Roset
    all have fantastic furniture that costs an order of magnitude more than
    I can afford.

  • Stopped by Zone to pick up two
    . Those were the first modern classics I set my eye on, and
    it’s nice to have a couple of real modern pieces instead of modern-ish.
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s history here too
    — the Delta chair, also known as the S34, was with the armless S33
    the first cantilevered chair, designed in 1929 by Mart Stam.)

  • Went to the Montreal
    ! I’ve been there a few times before but I couldn’t imagine
    getting tired of it. I didn’t have a camera this time, but I have older
    . The rainforest was quiet, which meant no playing monkeys,
    but we did get to see the lynx roaming about and meowing like Mouse does
    when she wants to play, and in the Antarctic area we saw the penguins
    being fed! Cutest thing ever. All of the little penguins crowd around,
    or wait out in the water to catch thrown herring, but the emperor
    penguins pretty much just line up for food. When the feeder goes to
    another part of the area, the emperor penguins went with her, some
    following and some leading the way — I think maybe they’ve done
    this before.

  • And spent a lot of time sitting on cafe patios watching the world
    pass by. It was a beautiful day and Montreal is such a great
    people-watching city.

Couldn’t ask for a better day.

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