Separated at birth?

So Apple introduced the new form factor of the href="">new iMac. They describe it as futuristic,
but I think they’ve confused the future with a 1999 dot-com:

src="" width=354
height=150 alt="the iOpener appliance and the new iMac">

I don’t get it. Apple’s designs have been clunky before, but they’re
usually appropriately derivative — “It’s shaped like a TV”! “It recalls
a desk lamp!”. But “It looks like a computer” doesn’t really do much for
me, especially given the strong correlation between “all-in-one computer
with flat display on stand” and “overpriced, underpowered crap” (see
also “Acer”).

I don’t understand at all how that could stand up when a cat rubs
up against it hard. The big one is 20″ wide and the stand can’t be
more than 6″.

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