1st ed. Britannica

Britannica now has a href="http://store.britannica.com/escalate/store/DetailPage?pls=britannica&bc=britannica&pc=REPLICA&pls0affiliate_id=adtracking&pls1adtracking=WHATSNEW">1st
edition Encyclop├Ždica Britannica replica set available for just
under US$200 (or href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0852290667/">here
for US$133 at Amazon). Seriously considering it, although there are
other things I could spend 180 href="http://www.mint.ca/en/about_the_mint/Circulation+Coins/index_circ.htm#01dollar">loonies on. I would certainly get some
value out of having these three volumes containing the world’s knowledge
circa 1768 on my bookshelf, though.

(I suspect a couple of people on my friends list will appreciate this
as well.)

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