Via egrep on #unix: Gentoo is
. Seriously beautiful quotes.

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  1. Given that I’m in the process of doing a stage1 Gentoo install on the ol’ mini-ITX “Sparc Classic” (you know the one! ;)

    Why you ask? Not because I want an uber-optimised VIA C3 workstation (ugh!). No. Simply because it’s pouring rain here, and I’m stuck inside, bored out of my skull.

    Mind you, Gentoo is *still* my fave distro, but not for the reasons listed in the Rice article (which had me laughing very, very hard – comments such as those abound on the Gentoo forums). No, I like Gentoo because I’ve never forgiven Debian for the time a very unstable version of apt completely and utterly hosed my workstation. Bastards. (yeah yeah … I know… “unstable”. ;)

    Of course, in an effort to educate the heathen Debian masses, I should point out that it *is* possible to install precompiled packages on a Gentoo box via Portage. Unfortunately, most of the Gentoo people don’t realize this. :)

  2. Err, no. :)

    But thanks anyhow.

    Update: 2 days into the install. 68% complete. Haven’t eaten. Need groceries, but can’t pull self away from mesmerizing gcc compile messages. May have to resort to eating liners from old RedHat CDs.