Trackback schadenfreude

A new version of the Movable Type weblog software was
released today, with what appears to be a pretty drastic licensing
change which hasn’t gone over well with a lot of midsize users.
Basically, MT is now commercial software for any sites running more
than three weblogs, or with more than one author, which seems to be
a lot of sites.

But the whole thing raises another issue, which I will call href="">“Corporate
Trackback Considered Harmful”. Kudos to them for leaving it all
exposed there, but somehow I figure that’s not what they were aiming

Edit: Trackback turned into an SSI (!) error for a while, but it’s
back now. Of the 74 unique trackback entries there, 51 are negative, two
are positive, and the rest are either neutral or in a language I can’t read.

(Me, I’ve never been that comfortable with MT’s license, so I’ve avoided
using it. I wonder if it’s a vocal minority, or if they’ve really
misjudged their customer base this time around.)

Edit: There’s a bit of discussion on MT’s new license at Metafilter.

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