What was it called?

A few years ago, while there was still a dot-com bubble, there was a
company selling an internet appliance with a flat screen, which after
its release took about a day for someone to figure out how to get it
to run Linux. The company was selling them at a loss and making things
up in subscriptions, except that you didn’t need a subscription if
you were going to run Linux on it.

Anyone remember what they were called?

They weren’t Netwinders,
which is the word that is stuck in my head preventing me from thinking
of the right one, and which are thin clients; this was a modem-based
all-in-one home internet appliance that by design could only use the
subscription service.

8 responses to “What was it called?”

  1. You’re even faster than me reporting what someone told me before I had a chance to see if the post posted correctly.

    Also, hi! I don’t think I realized you were here.

  2. nope, 3com Audrey ran a variant of QNX, although the folks over at Audrey Hacking have been putting together some custom images (including Linux I believe).

    Neat little device. Especially if you’ve got Mister House running somewhere.