Icon post

A bunch of people on my friends list have been posting explanations of
their icons.


My temporary default. I’ll get bored of it quickly. I saw the picture
from the cover of Freedom of Choice in the liner notes to their
Greatest Hits which I bought recently and thought that it would
make a good icon. The text wrote itself, of course, so you can’t blame
me for it.


These are the ones I use in the majority of my posts and comments.
They’re all of Cat from Cat and
, and I use them like mood icons, especially in comments.
From left to right: my usual default, deep in thought, doubtful,
either hipster poseur or music geek depending on context, and happy.
(Cat is happiest when eating paint.)

The “hip” one there is one of my favorites. I need to find a better
picture of Cat eating paint with a suitably happy expression and a
grey background instead of black.

I’ve met a handful of neat people on here solely by noticing they have
an icon from Cat and Girl.


This Cat one has a bit more backstory; it’s from this Cat and
Girl comic
, the last panel of which resembles Candice and
I a bit too closely. She made this icon from that strip:

but found that it was a bit too grumpy-looking to use for everyday use, and thus naturally concluded that she should just use it for comments to me. I use the above icon in my response when I’m brave enough to respond. She gives me that look outside LiveJournal a lot too. I figure it’s a display of affection.


Our cat Mouse aka Mousey aka Mouseycat, from this
, which I typically only use when I’m talking about cats or
pets. Mouse is only half of the feline contingent here, along with


This picture of Dick Feynman is from the cover of Six Not-so-easy Pieces, the second
collection of lectures excerpted from the Feynman Lectures on
. One day I glanced at the cover and noticed that the size
and ratio of the photo was awfully icon-ish, and scanned it. I’m not
the only person to have noticed this, as I see other scans of this icon
showing up occasionally. I admire Feynman a great deal.


Various pictures of me. The first one is there because I like to have
one icon which is a normal photo of me for people who look at my
userpics page hoping to find a photo. It’s about a year old, and I’ve
lost a bit of weight since then, but it’s pretty accurate. The second
one is me recalling Hunter S. Thompson. I don’t usually wear the hat
and the glasses together. Lastly is my Christmas icon, which inspired
a few other people.


It’s a tradition in LiveJournal Support to have an icon that somehow
involves a bunny, referring to the support slang “bunneh” for someone
that gets to a request while you’re still reading it (and who is thus
“quick like bunneh”). This one is part of bunny
by Kozyndan. I
hope to get a Kozyndan print or two on my wall eventually.

S’all she wrote.

3 responses to “Icon post”

  1. I need to find a better picture of Cat eating paint with a suitably happy expression and a grey background instead of black.

    Seems to me this is a cat, happy, with paint.