Musical toys

March is shaping up to be New Musical Toys Month here. Last weekend
(shush, technicality) I received an Overton tinwhistle from Colin
Goldie, the maker of Overtons, as a gift thanking me for the time I’ve
put into the Chiff and Fipple
Tinwhistle Forum
, part of Dale Wisely’s Chiff and Fipple site. An
Overton is easily one of the nicest-playing and well-engineered whistles
available these days, and it’s got me playing tinwhistle quite a bit
again. I’d always played nothing but inexpensive whistles, and Colin’s
generosity has truly spoiled me now!

Then, today, the UPS man barely arrived with my present to myself —
the guitar I mentioned earlier.
I say “barely” because of the condition of the box and the hard case it
came in — UPS did their best to do their worst but failed. I’ve got
a couple of photos of the guitar and of the hole in the case
here. I’ve
got a lot to learn but I’m getting around on it decently already.

Need to go amp shopping tomorrow.

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