CEO breakfast, moving Win2k

I and 19 other employees, chosen apparently randomly, have a breakfast
meeting with Mitel’s CEO tomorrow morning. This will be incredibly odd.

Today was spent fighting with Win2k, and then fighting more with Win2k,
followed by fighting with vmware, in which Win2k is running, followed
by fighting with Win2k. One of the problems of being able to avoid
running Windows for years is that when you have to start again, you
don’t know all the workarounds.

I have a 4GB and an 8GB disk. The 4GB has a working Win2k install
on NTFS, and the 8GB one has nothing on it at all. I want to end up with
my windows install on a single 8GB partition (and the 4GB disk will go
away at the end). What do I do?

5 responses to “CEO breakfast, moving Win2k”

  1. Hrm. What if I:

    • Copy the disk sideways into a partition on the new drive with dd
    • Upgrade the partition to a logical volume
    • Use the logical volume manager to grow the NTFS partition to occupy the whole disk


  2. Other possibilities after copying sideways seem to be ntfsresize or Partition Magic. Ghost won’t work because I have no floppy. Stupid vmware.

  3. I believe it is impossible to move win2k to another disk. I do know it’s impossible to do for winXP. You have to reinstall and migrate your data. It’s one of Microsoft’s innovative business solutions.

    ISTR something on slashdot about this, but can’t get google to find it for me. And the existence of software like StepUp makes me think it is non-easy.

  4. Aha! To copy from little sda to big sdb:

    1. Boot Knoppix
    2. fdisk /dev/sdb, make one big partition on sdb
    3. dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M
    4. ntfsresize /dev/sdb1
    5. fdisk /dev/sdb, mark partition 1 bootable
    6. reboot