Who does this remind me of?

I downloaded a whole bunch of free mp3s from
Matador Records the other day. (I encourage you to
do the same; there’s a lot of great music there and you will probably
find new bands you like, which is always a good thing.)

There’s one track there, 14 Zero Zero by Console, and it reminds me a lot of some other
tune or some other band, except I have no idea at all what it reminds
me of. I can’t even figure out what decade.

Your mission, then, is to listen to the track and tell
me what song or band it reminds you of. Be sure to let it play for
a while, because it’s only once the tune starts picking up that it begins
reminding me.


5 responses to “Who does this remind me of?”

  1. I may have something, but I don’t know the title or who did it.

    ‘Every time I see you darling
    I get down on my knees and pray’

    That’s the only snippet. I think the reason it’s so hard to tell is it’s utterly generic ‘new wave’. It sounds like it could be about 5 80’s syth-pop bands at once…

  2. That’s New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”. I think you’re right about it being so generic, except there’s still one specific tune. Playing this one and switching to Bizarre Love Triangle and back doesn’t make them sound very similar though.

    I’m beginning to think that the beats and voice processing are a ways beyond the first wave of New Wave. It’s vaguely close to Daft Punk’s “One More Time”, so that might be it — I don’t listen to Daft Punk that often anymore, so that plus some misremembering might have done it.

  3. Electroclash! That’s the word I’m looking for. Console sounds a lot like (French) Daft Punk with a German aesthetic, I think. Maybe. And this tune and “One More Time” both date to the electroclash revival around Y2K.

    Console isn’t big enough to have an “Influences” section on AMG, and their “Similar” section is pretty tiny, but you can get from Daft to Console via Ladytron or Les Rhythms Digitale, so I think that might be what it is.

    I see someone else has described them as “Kraftwerk combined with Air”. I’m listening to Air’s Moon Safari now and I’m inclined to agree.

  4. For some reason, it reminds me of the Buggles crossed with early Prodigy.

    I can’t defend that, so take it or leave it. :)