Roy and Simon

I request your opinions on the similarity between Roy, who I know from LiveJournal support, and Simoncozens, who I know from the Perl community (not the community Perl, but the worldwide community of Perl devotees).

For some time, whenever I saw one of Roy‘s icons, I immediately though that it was Simoncozens. I’ve taken Roy‘s icon, and the photo from one of Simoncozens‘ books, and cropped them and scaled them to be roughly the same photo.

Roy Simon

So, does Roy look like Simon?

4 responses to “Roy and Simon”

  1. You need “neither” in cuter — simon has terrible teeth. =) He also has a very syrupy speaking voice. =)

    I’d vote for Roy for cuter just on that basis; he looks like a teddy. However, I can’t say either looks cuter. You also left out “dark brows” for why they might look similar… the hair and brows are pretty much the same. =)