Day: November 7, 2003

  • This is a test post to debug This text is in English. The following Japanese text is cut and pasted from Sanrio’s website. I have no idea what it says. ボーダフォンライブ!「ハローキティどこでも日記」で入会キャンペーン実施中! This is cut and pasted from Mashimoro’s website, so is presumably Korean. 마시마로쇼핑몰 개편 Here’s some Russian from Pravda for good measure. Автобус […]

  • Strokes, copy protection, AMG

    I picked up the new Strokes CD, Room on Fire, yesterday. I won’t bother reviewing the album here because everyone and their dog has; it’s basically the continuation of This is It inexplicably delayed by two years. It’s a great album, but it’s not a historical album at all; just another bunch of tunes like […]