Bathroom fish!

Our bathroom is getting fishier and fishier. For ages I’ve had a mounted
poster of tropical fish on the wall in there, and this weekend Candice
and I bought
a fish showercurtain, and made a little fishbowl out of a bowl vase and some
dried and plastic fishythings:


We’ve been trying really hard to get some tropical-fish-colour towels
for in there, bright yellow and bright orange, but haven’t been able
to find both anywhere. But yay, another room is very close to being

The fish showercurtain is clear between the fish, and it replaces a dark
burgundy and green one — it’s very strange having that much
light in the shower in the mornings.

3 responses to “Bathroom fish!”

  1. there’s this place in the mall called “bed, bath, and beyond,” they have really bright green, orange, blue, and another colour bath towels. really bright colours, too. i was scared.

    i couldn’t find them on the website, i think they were between $10 – $20 each. i can look next time i’m there, if you’d like.

  2. Awesome. I’ve been pondering a fish-themed restroom for some time now, and yours is a bit more festively colored than I had considered. It’s real purty, sir.