Candice has been moving stuff here from her old apartment
lately, and one of the things that she’s brought over is her ten gallon
aquarium. Unfortunately two of the five fish in it did not survive the
move — but this meant that we had to buy more fish! There was plenty
of room for more fish on top of the replacements, too, so we got to
have some fun fish shopping.

Our fully-stocked aquarium now has:

  • A bright red betta
  • Two tiny little marble

  • Two long-finned
    leopard danios

  • One zebra danio
  • Two silvertip

  • Two otto
  • fish movie
    7MB quicktime

    I’m so excited about having fish again! We had a 40-gallon freshwater
    tank when I was growing up, and managed to keep it going with a good
    stock of fish, live plants and so forth for a long time. The angelfish
    in our current tank were my idea — the centerpiece of my old tank
    was a pair of angels that had to be 7 or 8 inches from fin tip to
    fin tip. It’s nice to have a betta, too — that first aquarium started
    as a betta named Sushi in a bowl, who survived for about six years
    before managing to live up to his name when the filter screen fell off.

    Of course this means I now have the fish bug, and am picturing the
    40-gallon cichlid tank on one wall and the 100-gallon freshwater along
    another wall and the discus back over there and the marine tank over
    here and so forth. It’s a good thing this stuff isn’t cheap in those

    Perhaps the world needs another fishcam. I wonder how long a USB
    run I could do?


    15 responses to “Fish!”

    1. Heh. Now is that a betta named “Sushi in a bowl,” or a betta named “Sushi,” in a bowl? ;-)

      I think that “Sushi in a bowl” would be hilarious.

    2. When we bred bettas we always had trouble with them nipping the fins of our angels to shreds. Eventually we had to isolate them. Of course, we had multiple bettas, so there was a lot of fish testosterone in the water, and this might not be a problem for you.

    3. No. You need to write a script that models fish behaviour, and then use that to have a simulation of a fishcam using those asciiart fish. You know you want to.

    4. Of course this means I now have the fish bug

      Do you take antibiotics for that that, or just get lots of rest and let it run its course?

    5. You know, I was thinking exactly that last night. I was going to submit it to the maintainer of the page from which I learned the speed options to <marquee>, but couldn’t be arsed in the end.

    6. No the first legitimate use (that I ever saw) was as a mock up of the Star Wars opening credits. This was the second.