I managed to convince work to lend me one of their unused tape
libraries, and I am now the proud borrower of a Digital TZ875
5 DLT library and DLT2k drive.

I grabbed a SCSI-2 cable (HD50) for it, but now I’m wondering
what to plug the other end into. On one hand, I’ve got a
Sparcstatin 10SX sitting around doing nothing at home; that
saves me having to source a SCSI card for the fileserver and
prevents me dealing with SCSI and IDE-SCSI in the same machine,
but on the other hand, that’s an extra machine to administer.
I suppose that also means that if my filer were to suffer a
catastrophic failure, I’d still have a working backup software

The alternative is to just go out and buy a card for the
file server, and deal with SCSI plus IDE-SCSI, and let
the SS10 rest.


Also: The Storageworks logo is the worst typography in the
history of man.

2 responses to “WWMFLD?”

  1. No idea about your scsi problems.

    Find me on irc or mail me, I’m in Ottawa and we should get together soometime this week.