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I’ve complained here in the past about my ISP,
IStop, and how well they tend
to live up to their name. Lately, though, they’ve been improving
in reliability quite a bit. I’m still not sure if I’d recommend them
for everybody, but I think I’m going to stick around for a while.

Today, all IStop DSL subscribers got mail from the company president.
With no increase in price (C$29.95/mo, plus $10/mo modem rental,
plus $4/mo for a static ISP, which in US$ is $22, $7, and $3
respectively), we’re getting an increase in monthly transfer limits
from 15GB to 20GB, and an increase in speed to 1.7Mb down and 384kb up,
from 1.2/160.

I note the above for my American friends using ADSL.

Two more fun quotes from the email:

In an effort to further improve customer service we are
looking to add another support technician to our staff. Interested
parties should query the DNS txt record for

I love it — what a great way to weed out the first set of no-hires?

If you do refer someone, ask them to put your
userid in the comments field of the signup page. If you refer a few
GOOD customers, we’ll try to return the favor in an appopriate way,
such as a free t-shirt, extra bandwidth, free modem, etc. And if you
refer a few BAD customers, we’ll let you know to send the rest of
your friends to our competition ;-)

Stuff like this is why I like using a mom and pop ISP.

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