Why I want to move to Vancouver, reason #314: Vij’s.

9 responses to “Drool.”

  1. Sounds tasty. But I have to admit that “lamb popsicles” is not a phrase I usually would have come up with.

  2. Before I was vegetarian, I had these, and exclaimed “This is the best thing I have ever tasted.” fimmtiu was there and he practically ate the plate it came on.

    Vij calls them popsicles because they are supposed to be finger food, and he got sick of seeing people try to cut them up.

    Half the experience of this place is Vij hovering around you attending to your every need, not like you have any, since everything’s so great.

    My dad’s in town tomorrow and he insists we go there every single time now. It’s right down the block from me. Yay!