I detect a difference in politics here.

*** Topic for #perl: RIP the honorable gentleman from South Carolina


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  1. *snicker*

    it’s much the same on my friends page this morning. One person put it: “Wonderful news this morning- brightened my whole day. Strom Thurmond is dead. Best news I’ve heard in months.” Another put it: “STROM THURMOND IS DEAD. I really hope that no one on late night tv uses that for a joke. I have this soft spot for the old man.”


  2. Here are the two quotes my friends made upon the demise of Thurmond in their respective LJs: (the first makes interesting note that the US Supreme Court also voted yesterday that states cannot call sodomy illegal anymore)

    I find it somehow fitting that on the day that homosexual sex is decriminalized, Strom Thurmond dies.

    It’s kind of like the the demarcation line between two eras.

    courtesy of Theklute, and courtesy of Campana:

    had strom thurmond been elected president in the ’40’s, philadelphia and new york would have been bombed a few years after hiroshima and nagasaki. all drool would have been pecan flavored. trent lott would be speaker of the house. had he been elected president in the ’60’s, stom would have been assassinated. there would have been an extra verse to the that one song: “…has anybody here seen my old friend racist,” and the song would be called abraham, martin, and strom. but now he’s dead and it’s comforting to know he had a long healthy retirement. it’s hard to imagine any current political figure volunteering to eulogize him. trent, care to say a few more words?

    So that’s what people are saying ‘way down here in the desert…

  3. I literally cannot stop giggling.

    A friend was delighted that the Supreme Court decision and Strom made the same front page around here, but simultaneously disappointed that no last-minute change had been made in favor of the headline “ASS-FUCKING LEGAL: STROM THURMOND DEAD”.