Google text ad previewer

This Google Blog
lets you see what text ads Google AdSense would serve with your
website. Much fun to be had.

I’m not sure what I should think of my
. (There was nothing there yet for “”,
just “wlonkly”).

Four ads for charities means it didn’t have anything specific for you.

7 responses to “Google text ad previewer”

  1. All your sites have nearly-blank title pages! :-) I also have a suspicion that low-pageranked pages get the charity ads, which Google is probably running for free. My own website has a strangely high pagerank, but I think that’s because I keep my URL in my .signature and post to mailing lists — the mailing lists are linked to from high-pagerank sites, and I’m linked to from the mailing lists, so I’m somehow important.

    A while ago I discovered that those charity ads aren’t necessarily apropos as default ads.

  2. Mine too, with the exception of my LiveJournal pages–which end up all serving up Everquest ads(!?). I have never even played it, yet still dislike it.