First the important bit: This is post #100 for me. Whee!


Today was a good shopping day. I am currently full of the pork buns
I bought for dinner. I’ve also got some ham-and-egg buns for breakfast
next week. Also from Kowloon Market came taro and black rice mochi, a
couple containers of the udon and kimchi ramen I like, and lots of
pocky — they still had some Winter (cocoa powder!) left so I stocked
up to last until next winter, and I grabbed some almond crunch and
coconut crunch too, because the crunch flavours are rare around here.
I also picked up some coconut milk for some “instant” Thai noodle
curry I bought a while ago — quotes because “Just add coconut milk!”
isn’t exactly instant for me.

Also went book-shopping, and came home with:

  • The Voice of the Blues, a collection of interviews with
    blues greats from Living Blues magazine

  • The Affluent Society, a classic economics work by John
    Kenneth Galbraith

  • Dashiell Hammett’s The Thin Man
  • Joe Dimaggio’s classic Baseball for Everyone.

That ought to last me another month or two. My “to-read” shelf
is nearly empty.

And lastly, I bought a pair of red low-top Chucks to replace
mine, on which three little holes on the inside have joined to
become one gaping hole. The new ones are so clean. I hope
they wear in fast.

The girl at Neon said they’re getting a big shipment of Chucks
in in the next couple of weeks, too, so I’ll have to go back and
do some more shopping and get one or two interesting pairs.

Yay for stuff!

15 responses to “#100”

  1. Good deal (about all of the above)!

    I think I’m at post 300ish, which makes me not lj addicted. Or something. ;) However, I have twice as many comments made by me than have been added by others to my entries. Let’s play sociology and you can tell us what it means! =D Yay!

  2. I was this close:


    to getting 100 posts, 100 support points, 300 comments posted, and 300 comments received, but somehow I managed to post my 301st comment. :-/ I *will* end up at 100/100 shortly though I hope.

  3. What, you don’t have coconut milk around the house all the time?

    Where did you get these thai curry noodles, though? I *do* have coconut milk around hte house and often have thai curry cravings but can’t be bothered making real food.


  4. It’s a packet-type thing, you ought to be able to find it in most generic grocery stores. I bought it at the Loeb in the Glebe, in the back right-hand corner, but I bet the Loeb near us has it too.

    “Thai Kitchen” brand, red-bordered label.

  5. It’s a bun! with pork!

    But that’s probably not that helpful. It’s a baked or steamed bun with barbecue pork filling. They’re Chinese — the Chinese name is “char siu bao”, but I find that that makes people go “What?”, after which I go “Pork bun”, so I take out the middleman.

    I get the baked ones, which are about burger-sized; there are also steamed ones that tend to appear in dim sum.

  6. Somehow I knew you were going to respond by saying something like, “Well, it’s pork on a bun…duh!” but the rest of the explanation clears it up a little more.

  7. OK, here is the new icon I created from the Cat and Girl archives specifically for this series of comments in your journal. I screwed it up the first time but this should be the way I want it to look.

  8. And to clear it up even more: it’s pork in a bun.
    You couldn’t tell it was a pork bun without opening it up. Well, unless you bought it from a shelf that said “PORK BUN”. But even then it’s really just faith.

  9. Wow, I feel special. :-) That’s a good one, too.

    Every now and again I go through a few dozen comics in the archive to find a new icon, and every time I realize that Cat really only has three expressions and a pair of 3-D glasses.