technical difficulties

Blargh, I have teh FLU.

So this in retrospect amuses me:

I host a Web forum for Irish flute and tinwhistle players. The machine
on which it runs lost a disk to heat, so we shut the machine down to
prevent losing any more disks until we can get a new case.

In the meantime, one of the co-admins on that box set up apache and
named on another box to keep serving some of the smaller stuff that
was on there. He set things up in a bit of a hurry, and the forums
were too big to move. Unfortunately, he set things up so that any
requests that didn’t match a configured virtual host went to the
default virtual host.

Also, he moved the IP address over, so that all of the virtual hosts
from the old box would reach the new one. This meant that when you
tried to access the whistleboard, you saw..

Did I mention that the whistleboard participants tend to be on the
conservative side?

And did I mention that I’ve been sick with the flu and unable to react
to anything at a pace faster than “glacial”?

Right, so, when you tried to access the whistleboard, you saw
this webcomic.


I’m just glad that I wasn’t getting email about it, although
I’m told the guy that does that comic was called a “usless poultroon”.

6 responses to “technical difficulties”

  1. Well, I figured it was SARS. But every SARS symptoms description starts off with “If you have a sore throat, you don’t have SARS, you have a COLD or the FLU, idiot”, and holy cow did I have a sore throat. So no SARS for me this time. But I could’ve been FAMOUS!

  2. Maybe you got it from me. Because you commented on my journal where I was complaining how I don’t want to be sick on my frigging birthday, and am going to be.

    Mine’s not SARS either – no fever. Shoot. I was really hoping for a two week paid quarantine. (Are they still paying you for the quarantine period?)