Etiquette question

So I was adding some entries to my sigquotes file at work, and
I noticed that I have a couple of entries in there that refer
to people that were laid off. Most of them are funny quotes from
people that were laid off. Some are funny quotes about people
that were laid off.

Is it tasteless to leave them in there?

3 responses to “Etiquette question”

  1. I dunno, but these are still kicking around in my quotes file:

    “Don’t think of it as being fired… think of it as leaving early to
    avoid the rush.” — Thorfy (from the Netizen quotes file)

    “New zero-employee strategy. It’s the latest way of saving on costs.”
    — Sharkey (from the Netizen quotes file)

    “He ain’t heavy, he’s my CFO.”
    — Sharkey (from the Netizen quotes file)

    “What do you mean? You’re an unemployed New Zealander… how much more
    Australian can you get?” — Sharkey to Carolyn (from the Netizen quotes file)

  2. Yeah, but Netizen is a bit more legendary.

    Here’s a couple examples:

    "I know Ross is brilliant, but he's no programmer."
                        -- Jack Kapica, Globe and Mail technology columnist
    <geoffh> We need to do it right, like Apollo XIII.

    I lean towards keeping the latter and tossing the former, although I’m also inclined to make no layoffs-related changes at all.