name that tune

I heard a song on our local alt-rock radio station about two months ago,
and then again a week or so ago. It’s a really stupid song, but it’s
also a really catchy song, but I’ve never been able to catch the
title or the artist — not that the station would announce those anyhow.

Anyhow, the lyrics I remember are the chorus:

Midnight radio
Live from soho
[something something] fat chicks
[something something] Cairo

except “Cairo” might even be “Tango”, it’s been a while.

Anyone recognize it?

4 responses to “name that tune”

  1. Aha! It’s “Midnite Radio” by Vancouver band WDC. Never heard of ’em, and still can’t find anything about them on the Web except for their own website, but now I know.

    If you happen to have soulseek handy… :-)

    Thanks to Tom Shock at the station I heard it on, 101.1 xfm, for filling me in.

  2. Hey there.. I just found this page while searching on google, and I had a quick question for you. Did you ever actually FIND a copy of ‘Midnite Radio’? I’ve been looking and looking with no luck.

  3. Nope, sorry — although I didn’t try that hard, it was more curiosity than anything. (Nice icon, by the way. I’ve got the Katamari soundtrack playing right now!)

  4. that’s alright, thought I’d check just to be sure. :)
    Nicely done with the soundtrack, by the way. Amazing music for an amazing game. :)