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I promise this will be my last post about notebooks.

So I bought a Moleskine address book, because I wanted to have an
address book that will last me decades, and because I wanted to compare
the Moleskine construction to the Cavallini that I recommended earlier.

There’s definitely a difference — the Moleskine is pretty much a
hardcover book, the pocket at the back is cloth instead of paper-sided,
the binding is very well-done, and the paper is a little higher-quality.
For something with the permanance of an address-book, it’s perfect.
If you need your lined notebooks and journals to be that permanent, it’d
also be perfect, but it’s overkill for me. I can easily flex the
Cavallini, but not the Moleskine.

On the other hand, I needed a pocket-sized week-at-a-glance
, and
it being February and all, there’s pretty slim pickings left. So I
bought one whose format I liked best, even though it was pretty cheaply
made, and while it’ll do for what I need, it reminds me that the
Cavallini notebook is not overkill for me. So thus concludes
my notebook reviews.

But now that I have a notebook I like, an address book that is
bombproof, and a weekly planner that will suffice, I can retire
my Palm Pilot
, which I haven’t really used in about a year.
I’m not sure why — I really liked it when it was new — but it
was just sufficiently impersonal and complex to make me avoid it,
leaving me losing track of stuff left and right. I shall report
back in a few weeks to let you know how the move to paper has gone.

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