Crime novel update

I meant to mention in my previous post:

Thanks, all, for your comments in my post about
. My to-read shelf is filling up fast!

I found a neat local bookstore,
, which happened to be a whole block away from the Bridgehead I
tend to show up in after work to read for a bit. They carry nothing but
mystery and crime books, and while their selection tends more towards
mystery than crime (and their clientele tends more towards 60s than
20s!), I was able to pick up a few books from your recommendations:
Carl Hiaasen’s Tourist Season, Hammett’s The Maltese
, and Lethem’s Gun, With Occasional Music.

That plus the other dozen or so books on the shelf will keep me
occupied until thaw.

That reminds me: Any recommendations for LJ book-related communities
that aren’t really only about English lit? I need to talk and read about
books more, and it’s hard to find a venue.

4 responses to “Crime novel update”

  1. The one in the Glebe — and Prime Crime is about a block south of the SF
    bookstore down there, or roughly around Fifth or so (guessing).

  2. Ah right. I usually go to the one in Westboro (duh) and I often walk past the one further up Bank, but I didn’t know that one. Anyway I will keep that bookshop in mind if I need to fill the gaps in my ever-expanding Anne Perry collection.