Cats (and tangentially Girls)

[reading|Jack Kerouac – Big Sur]

So now that I have room, I’ve gone and put together some
featuring Cat of Cat
and Girl

Around the same time, I noticed that one can search the directory by
interest, and get back a list of users with their default pictures. I
am subtly pleased that of the 87 people who have
Cat and Girl as an interest
, I am the only one to have chosen Cat.
(Girl leads with four or five; one person has Boy. No beatnik vampires
yet if you’re looking for a niche to fill.)

(I’m also currently wearing my Cat and Girl
t-shirt, which is
way cool not only because it features the aforementioned but also
because it’s actually screenprinted, light on dark, and not the cheap
iron-on stuff that seems to plague online comics because of

I was thinking of getting the mug, too, but I can’t be too much
of a fanboy and still remain in the

3 responses to “Cats (and tangentially Girls)”

  1. You have a cat and girl ICON!!!

    Oh wait, I’ve got an edited Goats icon, I suppose I can’t complain.

    I really shouldn’t comment on high alcohol consumption evenings.

  2. but it is not nearly as cool as my Boxjam’s Doodle t-shirt which is not only screen printed but also the same colour scheme as the comic.