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I am so tired of all my furniture. I mean all. It’s all stuff I got from my parents when I moved into my first non-furnished apartment — parents who have gone through multiple marriage/live-alone/marriage stages generate extra furniture — but it’s all pretty ratty at this point, and it’s certainly not interesting. A 20-year-old corduroy la-z-boy that needs reupholstering; a tweed (!) high-armed couch; a set of “You buy the couch, we throw in the tables” coffee and end tables; unfinished-pine bookshelves; a countryish dining-area table and chairs from Kmart; a few CD storage things that don’t match and that are overflowing.

So here’s what I want to do: Solve the problem of book storage by buying bookcases for the spare room (which right now contains a desk and a bunch of boxes full of parts and cables), and then just get rid of all of my living-room furniture. That reduces the problem to one of furnishing an apartment from scratch, and since I don’t have anything I particularly want to keep, I can do it right by finding a piece or two I like and decorating around that.

I’m not going to be buying anything expensive — in fact, it’ll probably be mostly Ikea that I end up with — and I’ve got an investment account that was intended for university and forgotten about to play with, so there isn’t too much of a cost burden in buying everything at once.

I’m not sure how to do it piece by piece, because I can’t buy stuff to work with what I have, and if I’m going to ignore what I have, then keeping it around is just going to complicate things.

So my question for you: Am I on crack?

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