Obligatory Christmas loot post

Since everyone else is doing it, I figure I might as well post what I got for Christmas.


I’m so spoiled. (Not complaining.) My father, from whom I got teh ‘cube, noted that he enjoyed buying me toys again, though :-) SMS: 15 shines so far, I have serious catching up to do. I dunno how I survived with just a PSOne.

You must all now tell me which games I simply cannot do without.

Mom got me a retro toaster to replace the one that encountered a FATAL TOASTER ERROR earlier, and a CD writer, and a cool new watch. See? Spoiled. Appropriately. The task following “turn spare room into office” is “make CDs of the best of my vinyl”. I haven’t even bothered unpacking it since I moved from Montreal, and there are some gems and classics in there. Need preamp. (If you’re considering doing something like this yourself, get gramofile.) Also got some DVD contributions to the Hitchcock shelf from my brother Kyle and his girlfriend, a pair of micro RC cars (Santa brought me one at Dad’s and at Mom’s, and by luck they’re separate frequencies, so they’re going to the office :-), some stuff for the car, socks and underwear…

Got to see the whole family and then some — the kids were all over at one point or another, plus my cousin Scott stopped by with his girlfriend and their new baby, and I got to hang out with some fun relatives of my stepmother at her family’s Christmas party on the 23rd. I used to grumble and whine about going to my stepmother’s family’s events, but now that there are some people I can hide in a corner with, I nearly find myself looking forward to them.

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