Lookie! New default icon. And it’s even me! I’m so emo. I need new glasses, though. I dunno where to find a good pair here.

I was playing with a feature of my camera which is intended for taking pictures of whiteboards, and found that it does neat things when taking pictures of things which are categorically not whiteboards. The icon is one of those. You can see the rest here.

I also forgot to link to the photos from my trip to Vancouver. Fimmtiu posted the link in his journal, so I figure I probably should too!

(I am listening to Booker T sing “Johnny I Love You”. While the Greatest Hits album is a fine one indeed — I likes the B3, I do — I’m not sure I’d have selected this particular track as Greatest. It’s creepy.)

3 responses to “HEY I KNOW THAT GUY”

  1. Wow. Doesn’t look like you. Although, now that I think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you actually wearing your glasses…

    Cool effect, though.