Monthly Archives November 2003

’tis the season

Mostly I am posting to show off my Christmas icon. Today Candice and I had to buy more Christmas lights, because we did not have enough to cover the tree, all of the windows, our desks, and my desk at work. While we were there, I found floppy fun-fur antlers for two bucks, and the […]

Brain usage meme

Found this one perusing Jon‘s journal. He’s one of the Horde guys I mentioned in my last post. Your Brain Usage Profile Auditory: 60% Visual: 40% Left: 78% Right: 21% Your results indicate a strong left-hemisphere dominance with a mild preference for auditory processing. This blend would suggest that you are an extremely efficient person, […]

Ancient history

My past haunts me! I got my LiveJournal in March 2002. As you can see there, my first few posts weren’t exactly in my current style; truth be told I really didn’t think I’d write much at all here. Stimps gave me a LiveJournal code that I was sure I was going to use to […]

Yay! Table.

I bought a dining-room table this weekend. Also chairs! The whole shebang looks like this: Ages ago Candice and I saw this table in Zone, a local furniture and home accessories boutique. There, it cost $215: $125 for a 36″ glass top, and $90 for the base. We had added that to the list of […]

Roy and Simon

I request your opinions on the similarity between Roy, who I know from LiveJournal support, and Simoncozens, who I know from the Perl community (not the community Perl, but the worldwide community of Perl devotees). For some time, whenever I saw one of Roy‘s icons, I immediately though that it was Simoncozens. I’ve taken Roy‘s […]

Phone Post: For spratt!

accuracy slightly disconcerting

The wiki is your outboard brain; the junk pile of content only makes sense to you, and there are many blank pages. What kind of social software are you?

Phone Post: Voice over IP over voice to voice to voice over IP over IP.