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  • Secure FTP backwards through a firewall

    Hoping the lazyweb can come up with a reasonably elegant solution to a securing-FTP problem I’ve run into. I have a setup like so: [ftp-server]—[broker]—|firewall|====[ftp-client] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ intranet internet I need to establish an FTP session from the ftp client to the ftp server. —- is intranet, ==== is internet. broker is a machine under […]

  • Belated update

    I managed to pretty much not post at all over the holidays, so let’s get things up to date. The holidays were fun! I had from the 23rd through the 2nd off so was able to flop and relax for a bit, and get my Christmas shopping done at my leisure. Spent Christmas morning here […]