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  • countdooooown

    Four days of work left! (I’m not counting my last day. It is a half-day of attendance and a half-day of drinking.) I’m looking forward to the opportunity to reset a whole lot of my personal organization systems — once nice part about leaving a job is that a gazillion loose threads get tied off […]

  • Giving notice

    I gave notice at work yesterday! My last day is August 3rd. No turning back now! The actual notice-giving went well. I had planned on doing it on Tuesday, right after the long weekend, but my manager took that day off, so I had to stew in preparedness for an extra 24 hours. But I […]

  • Catch-up post

    Been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been pretty busy, so here’s a quick catch-up on what’s gone on in the last couple of weeks: Mouseycat might be sick. She had a very loose canine tooth removed the other day and we found she’d lost nearly a kilogram (nearly 2.2 lbs) since the last time […]

  • Mitel acquires Inter-Tel

    Mitel, my employer, is reportedly acquiring US business VoIP company Inter-Tel for $723M: Citizen story, Ottawa Business Journal story. No punditry from me; I don’t know enough about the business side. I’d never heard of Inter-Tel before now.

  • Sun 1, Rich 0

    We have the odd SunOS 4.x box at work for historical reasons, and today I went to apply the free Terix patch for vintage Solaris to them. Of course being SunOS 4.x they didn’t have patchadd, so I tried to do things the hard way: # cd /var/spool/patch/T000001-01 # ./installpatch Please borrow a copy of […]

  • What’s your company doing about Daylight Savings Time?

    Question for the IT types reading here: What have you/your department/your company done to prepare for the upcoming changes to the start/end dates for Daylight Savings Time in Canada and the US? I’m really surprised at how little mainstream or IT press the change has been getting so I’m wondering how ready other IT departments […]

  • LinkedIn connection whoring

    I’ve been playing around on LinkedIn today. If you haven’t seen it, it’s like Friendster for adults — maintaining connections and contact details for professional networking. Anyhow, if you’re there and know me, feel free to connect to me, rich [at] lafferty [dot] ca. If you’re not there and want to be, it’s free for […]

  • argh

    Who the heck schedules “Take your Kids to Work Day” the day after hallowe’en? I know, let’s fill up the kids with sugar and keep them up late, and then bring them into the office the next day. What could go wrong?