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Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe Originally uploaded by mendel. I’ve finally uploaded, titled and tagged all 150-odd images from our honeymoon in Paris! I’ll be writing up a description of the trip here soon, but you can see all of the pictures in this Flickr set.

Wedding photos!

Candice and Rich Originally uploaded by mendel. We received our DVD of photos from our wedding photographer earlier this week, and last night I finally finished uploading about 1/3 of them (just over 400 in total) to Flickr. Clicking on the image above will take you to the first of four sets, but you probably […]

HOLY SHIT I’M MARRIED: the long version!

So yeah, that wedding thing. I got married! It’s crazy. I have a ring and a cute wife now. Crazy! First, the executive summary: Everything went wonderfully. It was sunny and bright with a few clouds — a bit warm, but nearly everything was inside, so that was fine. But everything just worked. All of […]

Whee I’m married!

Candice and I are back from Paris and are still half-exhausted, so I’m not going to write a long post about the wedding and our trip right away. I’ll write those up in the next day or few. The short version: The wedding went without a hitch and everyone had a blast, and our honeymoon […]


HOLY SHIT I’M MARRYING CANDICE TOMORROW. This is a good thing, in case that wasn’t clear. And it’s all a big to-do list from now until then, so you probably won’t hear much from me until we’re back from Paris! HOLY SHIT

How not to establish your business

Got mail today from an address I didn’t recognize with the subject “Wedding Photos”. We’re planning a wedding so I figured it might be something relevant, especially since it was a big (4MB) message. Nope. Some local startup wedding photographers decided the best way to get business would be to scrape the addresses of local […]

Engagement photos!

Last week Candice and I went down to Hog’s Back Falls on the Rideau River, where we met our wedding photographer, Andrew Van Beek, for engagement photos. It was a blast. Andrew commented a few times as we were climbing over rocks and around fences and past “No Entry” signs how much fun we were […]

Apparently the Web is public! Who knew?

Candice reads a Web forum about wedding-related stuff over at WeddingBells.ca. WeddingBells is a major Canadian bridal magazine, so the forums there are both popular and high-profile. As on any Web forum, discussion often branches far away from on-topic, and one discussion there started talking about Karla Homolka’s upcoming release. Today, a story went out […]