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Item! ☞ The pedestrian menace must be stopped! ☞ MY NAME IS MIRIAM SESE-SEKO AND I AM THE WIFE OF THE LATE CHANCELLOR OF THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA. ☞ This article discusses (sort of) the naval forces of the Byzantine Empire. You know, that other kind of ship. The little one. ☞ Also from […]

time for some quick visuals

Why I tend to ride in Quebec rather than Ontario: Ontario country roads Quebec country roads

Ontario new driver sign

Ontario folks: Have any of you ever seen the sign pictured at left? According to the Driver’s Handbook (which I’m reading to get ready for my M1 test — I feel like I’m 16 again) it’s a “Novice Driver” sign that works like the “L” learner’s plates in the UK, but I’ve never seen one […]

Bike locks

Consider this one a poll, if you want. I didn’t want to make everyone write their answers in tiny boxes, so I didn’t use the poll feature to do it. How do you lock up your bike? Why do you do it that way? Why not something more convenient and less secure, or less convenient […]

new bike!

I bought a bike today! I’d been thinking of buying a new bike since last summer, because my road bike (Giant Peloton 8200) and Candice‘s hybrid (Trek 7100) weren’t really so great for riding together — I couldn’t go on gravel paths and found it uncomfortable to keep my speed down, and Look pedals don’t […]

Why cities should not let developers name streets

Here’s one for X-Files fans: My mother recently moved to a new condo in Orléans, a suburb of Ottawa. While looking at her new address on Google Maps, I found these streets. Very odd.