Tag: computers

  • Twittervision

    While I can’t say I’m a big fan of Twitter, I can’t seem to stop staring at Google Maps mashup Twittervision.

  • Toshiba laptop opinions?

    Do any of you folks have Toshiba laptops? Specifically Tecras, although I’m open to any comments, really. I’d like to pick up a laptop for school instead of using my work laptop for both. I’m after something close to what I’ve got now, a Dell D600: business-class rather than home, Centrino somewhere in the 1.6GHz […]

  • My WordPress plugins

    I’d started writing a post about which WordPress plugins I’m using right after I got things up and running here, but decided to put it off because my plugin list was changing regularly. Things have settled down, though, and bunnyhero asked what plugins I was using, so now seems like a good time! Feel free […]

  • Microsoft’s great new Vista fonts available free

    Joey at Global Nerdy points out that the six new fonts included with Vista are also available free with Microsoft’s Powerpoint 2007 Viewer application: install Powerpoint Viewer, get the fonts. There are better samples over on Joey’s post. I did up a document (my MBA application letter, yay!) in Constantia tonight and it’s a nice, […]

  • RSS feed reader comparo

    I’m a pretty heavy RSS user: pretty much everything I read regularly on the Web I read via RSS, some 300 feeds. (I don’t read everything in all of them every day.) I’ve used Bloglines for a long time, and it’s worked pretty well for me: I’m used to its interface, it performs pretty quickly, […]

  • My Firefox plugins

    I finally got around to upgrading to Firefox 2 yesterday. When it first came out, I upgraded, found that 90% of my plugins hadn’t been updated yet, and then promptly went back to 1.5. I figured it was finally time to give it another shot, and as I’d hoped all of the plugins I needed […]

  • Sun 1, Rich 0

    We have the odd SunOS 4.x box at work for historical reasons, and today I went to apply the free Terix patch for vintage Solaris to them. Of course being SunOS 4.x they didn’t have patchadd, so I tried to do things the hard way: # cd /var/spool/patch/T000001-01 # ./installpatch Please borrow a copy of […]

  • What’s your company doing about Daylight Savings Time?

    Question for the IT types reading here: What have you/your department/your company done to prepare for the upcoming changes to the start/end dates for Daylight Savings Time in Canada and the US? I’m really surprised at how little mainstream or IT press the change has been getting so I’m wondering how ready other IT departments […]